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Last updated: January 16, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I partner with the Justice Love Foundation?

If you are a Philanthropist or Foundation you can commit to be a financial contributor. Your funds will directly impact leaders in Social Justice. Also, you can join our network for shared-learning of ways to merge social justice and philanthropy. f you are an Organizer or Activist you can join our Justice Love Network to qualify for potential support. If you are a casual social justice advocate, you can also engage by donating, signing up for our blog, and attending our convening. 

How do you determine who to fund??

The Justice Love Foundation hosts the creation of a grassroots social justice advisory committee. This committee is composed of actual organizers/activists and it is the recommendation of this committee that provides a list of organizers and activists to join the Justice Love Network. Once in this network, organizers and activists can request rapid response funding and apply for the collaborative fund. .

How is The Foundation different from other traditional philanthropic foundations?

The Justice Love Foundation is unique in three ways: (i) Funding decisions are shared with social justice organizers (ii) Investments are linked directly to the quality of life of individual organizers and not a program (iii) the Foundation committed completely to social justice efforts.

What is social justice philanthropy?

Social justice philanthropy focuses on the root causes of social, economic and environmental injustices. It strives to include organizers who are impacted by those injustices as decision-makers and leaders. It also aims to make the field of philanthropy more accessible and diverse. In social justice philanthropy, foundations are accountable, transparent and responsive in their grantmaking. Donors and foundations act as allies to social justice movements by contributing not only monetary resources but their time, knowledge, skills and access. Social justice philanthropy is also sometimes called social change philanthropy, social movement philanthropy, and community-based philanthropy.

How does The Foundation fund social justice leaders?

The Justice Love  Foundation uses two models to invest in organizers and activists: our Rapid Response Fund is a quick way to infuse low risk, high impact support into the personal lives of organizers. This fund help with transportation, housing and child related personal expenses. Our Collaborative Fund is a long term investment in the development of a quality of life standard for organizers and activists. This support is designed to be supplemental to existing income of the organizer.

What is the goal of the Justice Love Foundation?

The Justice-Love Foundation seeks to create a more inclusive community, centered in justice, equity and love, by creating a capacity-building investment network for social justice organizations. We are philanthropists and community leaders working for positive change in the communities we love.

What is Philanthropic Activism?

The Justice Love Foundation embraces philanthropic activism, which is a form of justice work that promotes the welfare of social justice organizations through philanthropy, especially by donating money to systemic change.  Additionally, we believe that philanthropic activism is unlikely to succeed without direct engagement with the communities it seeks to serve. Finally, we stand on the idea that success in changing systems requires a healthy and well-coordinated social justice ecosystem comprising activist, foundations, grantees and affected communities.

Can I volunteer for an Activist Cause or an Organizer?

Yes, you can.  If you wish to volunteer for one of our Activists, please visit our web page. If you’re looking to get involved with a long-term, ongoing social justice campaigns, please leave an email. Our Activists and organizers are some of the most creative, social justice organizations we have come across.


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