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POWER Conference 2021

Date and Time

Saturday March 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM EDT

Attendance at the Conference for all Participants is Free.

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Discovering & Investing in the Roots of Power Embedded in Community Networks and Leaders.

“Problems are the Roots of Community Power”


“Problems are the roots of community Power” – The Power Conference shifts the conversation from advocacy to solution creation. The conference will leverage the skills, talent, and creativity of community organizers to design solutions for local problems. The Power Conference also leverages the philanthropic activism movement that positions philanthropy as tools of community leaders to create change.

Join us on March 20th, 2021 to hear creative solutions, innovative funding strategies, and community centered design ideas.

The Power Conference is hosted by the Justice Love Foundation (JLF). The JLF’s mission is to increase resources of community leaders with the hope of improving the quality of life of local organizers. The JLF believes that the key to systemic change rests on the creative minds of community leaders and the support of philanthropic institutions.

The Power Conference will showcase amazing stories from community, performances from community and community leaders.

The JLF welcomes the voices of those who are leading communities.

Attendance at the Conference for all Participants is Free.



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