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Our Strategic Approach to Organizers, Funding Networks and Capacity Development


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Ensure Funding Access to Grassroots Organizers

Create Capacity Building Opportunities 

Develop Sustainable Funding Networks 

Communicate and Educate Traditional Philanthropic Partners 

Leading through Dynamic Networks 

We believe that rapid response investing is revolutionizing the way we put investment dollars to work.  And while building our network of Activists and Organizers, we developed a set of core Strategic Pillars , the “What” and “Why”, along with the Objectives we pursue in the course of managing the Foundation.  These Five Pillars help us focus  on our goals and achieve our strategic initiatives.

Pillar 1

The Funding Gap 

Track the need for funding among organizers in impacted communities alongside philanthropy’s ability to fulfill that need through improved financial contributions to organizers.

Pillar 2

Community Participation 

Measure the number of residents, stakeholders, and philanthropic representatives learning about social justice or volunteering to make a better social justice ecosystem.

Pillar 3

 Regional Social Justice Pipeline

We target local social justice organizations and the relationships with existing neighboring institutions to produce new organizers and activists. 

pillar 4

Social Justice Job Index

Our proposed metric to show the health and strength of jobs in the social justice sector as a part of the overall local economy.

Pillar 5

 Organizational Connections

We measure collaborations and networking along with operational goals among our social justice organizations.

Next STeps

Tell Us Your Activity or Vision

Are you a Philanthropic Partner

Are you a nonprofit nongovernmental entities that utilize donated assets and income to provide social useful services? Are you an endowment, or charitable trust? 

Are you a Community Organizer

Do you challenge and draw people together to act in their common self-interest to identify community problems and solutions to use  resources for the collective benefit? 

Are you a Funding Organization

Does your organization provide individual donations, major gifts, bequests or
corporate contributions? Do you match employee donations or other charitable giving to sustain focused social justice organizations?

Are you a Community Activist

Do you take individual action or action with others in a community, in a planned way
to bring about a clearly identified and agreed change which contributes to and focuses on  those adversely affected?

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