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The Justice Love Foundation is a tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, we are a charitable organization incorporated under the laws of North Carolina.  The Foundation is a private foundation and we support people most impacted by the political confusion and social ills and are looking for social justice organizations for support. While these organizations bear the weight of those most impacted in our communities, minimum support exists for social justice organizations, themselves.  Our Foundation helps social justice organizations and partners create and sustain healthy ecosystems (System-Level Change). We engage organizations with our capacity and coalition building network  through a process of leadership development, learning convenings, and financial investments.

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A permanent endowment provides a reliable source of income that allows our organization to make continuous distributions for social justice change.   It  provides long-term stability, promotes fiscal responsibility and financial viability, allowing the Foundation to focus on immediate causes while maintaining a larger more direct presence in the community.  We can meet new challenges, build a larger pipeline  of activities while not only supporting our organization’s operating budget but expanding into larger more complicated and urgent national campaigns.  

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