The Justice Love Foundation

Connecting Diverse Voices for Change

Join our Community of Activists, Organizers, Donors and Philanthropic Groups.

Take a moment and explore the opportunities below to see how the benefits of donating various appreciated assets and securities. 

We believe that our new funding is revolutionizing the way we put investment dollars to work by aligning the pursuit of justice and love. We work to push the growing philanthropic activism movement forward to ensure that financial instruments that intentionally generate both financial and social returns move into the social justice ecosystem.

Donate Appreciated Assets

Why consider giving long-term appreciated securities and other non-publicly traded assets? As a donor you are able to give up to 20% more because capital gains taxes are minimized. You can take a fair market value deduction and provide more support for your favorite charities. For contributions of complex or non-publicly traded assets, generally fair market value is determined by a qualified appraiser in compliance with the IRS.


We accept the following:

Stocks & Other Securities

Privately Held Interests

Private company C-corp stock  Private company S-corp stock  LLC & Limited Partner            Private Equity

Hedge fund interests       Pre-IPO shares

Non-Publicly Traded Assets

Restricted stock
Real estate
Bitcoin & Crypto
Retirement assets

Oil & gas Interests         Life insurance

Other Donations

Electronic Funds Transfer

Wire transfers

Cash from a brokerage account

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