The Justice Love Foundation

Connecting Diverse Voices for Change

Investing in Activist and Social Justice Organizations

Developing leaders, and investing in social justice organizations who are seeking innovative and collaborative solutions for urgent social challenges.

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What We Do

The Justice Love Foundation is a group of philanthropists and community leaders that support systemic changes in our nation. We stand for activists that produce Justice and Love in our communities.

Who We Are

Created in 2018 by activist and community  leaders, recognizing that social justice creates a more inclusive community. The Justice Love Foundation invests in activist and social justice organizations that are changing the world.

Our Work

We devote our resources to empowering, supporting, and sustaining the social justice ecosystem. We educate, and collaborate and place high emphasis on innovative funding strategies for the betterment of our communities.


We Focus on Healthy Social Justice Ecosystems by Providing System-Level Change.


We participate with residents, stakeholders, and philanthropic representatives to make a better social justice ecosystem.

Our Philosphy

We focus on catalyzing, what we have coined, “philanthropic activism” and collaborating to bring forward and fund ideas that have transformative potential in the social justice ecosystem and can lead us to uncover new, more impactful ways of addressing chronic social challenges.

How and Why We Invest

We believe the world needs more support for social justice activists who are engaging in social change, so we take on new ideas and funding strategies, and systems-level driven collaborations across sectors with people and organizations that share our fervor to engage alongside the social justice ecosystem and change the world for the better, today.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to create a more inclusive community

Our vision is to create a healthy social justice ecosystem by focusing on systems-level change. Our foundation seeks to raise awareness of issues, empower diverse voices for change, and financially support organizations doing social justice work in our community. Most importantly, our foundation seeks to amplify the stories of impacted community members.

Our Mission is to connect diverse voices for change 

Our mission is to create a strong social justice network through shared learning convenings, leadership development, and philanthropy. We believe that a strong social justice network will raise awareness of issues, create diverse voices for change, and support organizations doing social justice work in our community.

Latest Message

Justice Love Foundation Organizational Meeting

September 12, 2019

Connect, Support and Invest

We designed our approach to drive transformational change, we seize the opportunity by providing system level innovation, and we place investment dollars for the most potential impact.

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Why is Social Justice Important

So why is social justice important in our society?  Social justice is necessary to heal the divides that plague our nation, as we work toward celebrating diversity in our communities and country.

Why Categories?

I think Social justice issues can be delineated into two categories; a Inter-Social Treatment and Unequal Government Regulation.  What about Home-Helath-Education and Work, can we break the two categires above into more finite definitiions?

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